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Hi there, Im Ben and welcome to my blog.

Im a 30 something dad of 2 girls, one aged 2 years and one 5 months. Married to ‘Mummy Diy’ and a homeowner on the outskirts of Bristol, UK.

I’ve had a few jobs and have a few skills. I grew up around DIY and have worked as a general builder/property renovator, and in recent years have worked self employed as a plasterer. These days I spend more time in front of a monitor as an IT, Marketing and Web Sales Manager at a builders merchant.

We moved into our current house in Feb ’15 after 7 years in our last house, which was completely self renovated, modern and clean. This new house, is not so renovated, modern or clean…

Things are harder this time around, we didn’t have money sucking, ear bending, mess making kids to worry about, or bedtimes. We I could paint, sand and fix things into the early hours if we I wanted to.


Here you will find a mix of home improvement how to’s and tips, some woodworking ideas, car repair woes and some probably totally naff parenting advice!!

If you stick around long enough you will be able to see our house transform from a 90 odd year old mess with hidden dodgy ‘diy’ fixes into an up to date, stylish and usable family home!


Stay Tuned!

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