Dry washing once again

We have a Bosch classixx condensing tumble dryer. We have had it probably 5 years or so now and its been good to us. Until a few months back….

We started noticing that it would leak a little from somewhere and would puddle on the floor in front of the machine after half hour or so. Not loads like a flood, but enough to cheese you off when you stand in it wearing socks!!

Sometimes it would be worse than others, but generally it was OK to live with. Putting a dishcloth down before use would be enough to soak any escaped water.

I did the usual. Clean the filter, empty the water container and wash out the condensing unit from the bottom. But this didn’t change anything. I still got wet socks.

In the last week the problem escalated. On the control panel at the top of the machine we have a few warning lights which would tell you if the filter was clogged or the water container was full. The container full light was starting to come on after 5 minutes of use, regardless of how empty the container actually was. This would stop the machine and leave the wet washing to build up a lovely wet stench ready for its discovery the next morning. Plus I would stand in the puddle in my socks….

A quick bit of googling followed and luckily enough I was able to find out that on most Bosch classixx dryers there is a hidden flap under the condensing unit on the floor of the machine.

Over years of use this was full with some totally disgusting yellow/brown mush that even the cat stayed clear of. I scooped this out and tidied up the tray. Turn the machine back on, great stuff. For about 10 minutes when it started playing up again.

I figured that there must be a pump which takes the condensed steam (water) from this tray up to the container, so I went and got some tools.

Unplug your machine before continuing.

For this particular model and for most other Bosch models all I needed were 2 small torx screwdriver bits which I used in a battery drill.


I took the top and left hand (looking from the front) side panel off the machine. (I actually. Took the right side off too but this wasnt needed) This was just a see a screw and undo it kind of job. There is about 15 screws in total which need to be undone to gain access inside.  Once inside you will find this.


This the pump for the condensed steam. The black pipe is the feed to the container and the clear corrugated tube is the overflow return pipe.

Pull both off and undo the one torx screw holding the white cover in place. Remove the pump next.


Clean this all up, there was quite a build up on ours.

Now, looking into the tray, which is part of the same tray I cleaned a few days before, we can see the problem. Gunk.


This was all in and around the pump impeller and cut off float. This would have given a false reading to the float meaning the machine would have thought the top container was full and was overflowing back down into this tray. In reality the pump couldn’t spin, therefore couldn’t push the water up the the top container, the float rose up and will have triggered the light to come on. Simples.


Clean it all up, screw it all back together and then have a laugh at the 3 screws you have left over.

Our machine has been working for over 30 mins non stop now, with no lights


Jobs a good un. No more wet socks.

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