Hallway total refurb. Part 2

A little while has passed since the last update but the work never stopped.

The tiles were laid over the course of a few evenings, with the help of a new diamond cutting blade on the electric tile cutter.


As these are real slate I had to use specific floor tile adhesive, which also came as rapid set which is my new preferred choice for setting tiles, especially on the floor as you can lay them on a night and walk on the in the morning without fear of them moving. Spot on for the bottom of stairways or narrow corridors.

To add to that they will require specific grout, and need to be sealed after it has all dried to protect against stains. That step is still on my to do list!

Things to think about when laying these tiles…

Not 2 tiles are the same. And that goes for colour and size. You will not be able to lay these using tile spacers.

Some tiles can be twice the thickness of others. The done thing is to start with the thickest tiles and work your way down to the thinnest. This way you can bring the thin tiles up to level with the adhesive. If you start with the thinnest there is no way to lower the thicker  tiles!

Some tiles are thick one end and thin the other. These ones are difficult. You may have to group tiles like these together to minimise the levels compared with the surrounding tiles.

Lastly, accept the fact that the tiles are different and live with the old and rustic look. We love it. 


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