Wooden storage crate

Ill be making a few more of these. So easy to make and they look so good when they are finished.


3 ingredients for this recipe.

Pallet wood – this came from one pallet

Nails – I actually used 35mm pins as its the biggest the tacwise nail gun I used could take.

Wood Glue

Tools needed

Chop saw (hand saw will do)

Many clamps


8mm drill bit

Nailgun (hammer will do)


Step 1


Do a doodle



Step 2


Make a cut list and cut them.



I made this box to fit under the beach hut bed I made, so the sizes are to suit that.

7no 400mm for the floor

6no 600mm for the sides

6no 376mm for the front and back

4no 238mm for the uprights


Step 3

I laid the bottom rectangle out on a flat piece of mdf to make sure things were level. Glued the edges and nailed the pieces together, make sure the diagonals are the same by measuring them and tapping the corners about until they are the same



Step 4

Go ahead and get the bottom of the ends glued and nailed in place now, it will become more stable once you get more of the crate together




Step 5

All the bottom pieces can go on now


Step 6

Now get the uprights into position, glue and nail these in using a clamp to hold them in place. I used a set square to make sure they were upright


Step 7

Now fix the sides and ends in piece, layer by layer, spacing them as you like.



Step 8

Pretty much done now, up to you how you finish them. I used a small sander with 40 grit paper to round the edges and take the splinters off, it also improved the distressed look of the wood somewhat!






Final touches

I bought a short length of string. Its 8mm in diameter so I marked out where I wanted the handle, drilled 2 holes popped the string through, tied the know and burned the ends to stop them fraying so much




Finally as this was meant to slide under the bed, on carpet, I screwed 2 short lengths of shiny plastic window trim to the bottom. It slides a treat!


Fill with toys, job done.

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