Kids Adirondack Style Chair

Got to admint, this was made back in dec 2013 for my first borns 1st birthday, and I didnt really get many pictures during the build. Make that I didnt get any pictures during the build.



I built it over a few nights in the poor lean-to outside room we had at our last house. Space was limited. It wouldnt have made for great pictures anyway!


I took the idea from a post I spotted on (I can litteraly waste an evening looking through that site) and actually followed these plans on another site.


Only materials I had to buy for this job were wood glue and some more 4×40 screws. The wood was all reclaimed from an old pine bed we had been donated years before hand by the in-laws. The slats from the bed were nice 6inch wide 5 foot pieces which were screaming out to be used up.

I ripped everything down on a table saw which has since died. Corners and edges were rounded on a router and finally sanded with a hand sander.

I pre-drilled everything (which is unlike me) and glued and screwed the lot over a few evenings with the help of a few clamps.

A word on clamps, I bought a pair of very cheap quick close clamps, about 60cm long for this job. The first thing I clamped up stayed clamped for all of a minute before one if the clamps burst apart. Sending tiny sharp bits of plastic everywhere… get what you pay for.

One the glue dried and what was left if the clamps were removed I gave the lot a sand down with some 600 grit paper, added the peppa pig painting (by diy mummy) and sealed the surface with some satin clear varnish from ronseal. It gives a nice sheen, but not too much and has do far stood up to the challenge of a 2 year old quite well.

You will see this chair again, I’ve got improvements to be made!

3 Responses to “Kids Adirondack Style Chair

  • Love love love this chair. Let me know when you start taking orders! :)

  • The adirondack chair looks amazing. Is it ok to feature your project on my site, so that anyone that sees my plans can get inspired by your work?

    • Feel free to feature it on your site. Sorry for the slow responce!

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